Vacuum Free Energy             

                                                                                                Research & Engineering


1 - Structured water                                                                           


MAGNETIC WATER - structured water for agriculture
using the MONOPOLE-MAGNET (homemade) in the flux of water (or recirculation/remagnetized)

Iron ring will have ON left side (south pole from magnet 1) and ON the right side (south pole from magnet 2)

- Water treatment. sterilization- filter with “ozone” and ionized alkaline water
- Agro-water powered with magneto-hidrodynamics. “enhancing vortex in water” and hydro-cyclotron.
- “Structured water” with “monopole magnet” applied “in-line” on the pipelines of water. “vortex magnetizer”.
- hydromolecular thermodynamic improvement. Application in agriculture (grow) and health treatments. Hydro-cyclotron for mechanical vortex and harmonization with magnetic vortex.


3- Medicine with Frequency                                                     


Medicine cure - multifrequency field.  Between the 2 coils - antenna (emitter -receiver). Human in the middle
High-voltage. Spark with coil (air transformer) :

UPDATE from "crop circle" :  (VIDEO upstairs)

Estimulating by multi-oscillation "Secret Cures and Anti Aging?!"

HARMONICS for MEDICINE:        &       ROYAL RIFE         :

Each body has different frequency of cells .
must discover each person frequency to act and cure with electricity...FAKE to the electroterapy without discovering  the frequency of the patient (animal).

You pic a cell (sample) and helped with a microscope, you will apply frequency and you will see the CELL vibration (when cell has vibration with the resonance frequency , then the cell will be dizzy - use microscope to watch the behavior)
use very low signal , because you must kill only with harmonic (must not kill with to much much current it will kill everything and do not kill the specific cell ONLY with harmonic resonance)
you can kill cancer cells with immune, using the pulse electrical-harmonic of the cancer cell that are dizzy

body is consequence of our pulse (frequency)
DC current (without pulse) do not transforme/work in an electrical transformer (DC do not work in a transformer)
“DC pulse current” or “AC current” can be transformed in a electric transformer (just pulse current can work in a transformer)

our heart is the body PULSE system.
heart pulse is the center of the body transformer (body strongest electromagnetic signal)
you join 2 hearths or 3 or 4 hearths and electromagnetism connect the hearts. that is why people fell (feelings) and protect their lives with sensations in the heart.
It is like the animals , is felling electromagnetism in their pulse system.
hearth is our pulse system.

The music is a soft application of frequency....certain animals and humans change behavior and feelings (classical music is used to the production of milk with cows)

your brain can change your frequency of the change your frequency with the presence of other hearts in the nature.
that is why “open-heart” is a good to talk (relax the brain activity)
Try to use the natural frequency (of the nature)...
.be with the nature it is good and also to be with the “good artificial” frequency...
not good is to be with “bad artificial” frequency
I consider very bad the 50hz from the home-electricity...because i sleep better with camping without 50hz.

Injecting electrical frequency, you may use “PWM”, it is a switch ( It is a “pulse switch”... like a strobe light (electrical pulsing)
Oscilloscope is to measure frequency or with a multimeter


HHO hydroxy  --- neutral cells (PRATICAL PROOF) .
Explain the "Joe cell"  cylindrical shape
after putting the neutral cell, it will have low power comsuption with low current (and increase hho)

NEUTRAL CELL is like battery (cation/anion) !  i can't explain well


OVERUNIT - to HHO               (way to improve) :
Electrolysis, Oxidation, Catalysis, Ionization, Infrasound, Sound, Ultrasound, HyperSound, Hydrodynamic Cavitation, Electromagnetic Field, Shock Wave, LENR


upgrade with "harmonic-cymbals" for HHO - PLANS video lab:

"cymbals" will put music on the HHO (in harmonics) - LIKE : hidrophonics electrolysis
HHO hydroxy  --- neutral cells (PRATICAL PROOF) .
Explain the Moe-joe cell ("JOE CELL")
after putting the neutral cell, it will have low power-consuption with low current AND increase -hho


(high-voltage on spark-plug) .
My experience "burning water" inside the aluminium plate.

I use High-Voltage from transformer .

Also can see Plasma on the Nd-magnets (green colour)

Pulverized WATER touching the PLASMA

(it causes FIRE/electrolyse with plasma from the gas combustion). HOMEMADE (all we may try at home)
WATER CAN BURN by touching the plasma (all types of plasma - ex:spark-plug) . type "Cold fusion homemade"
plasma it is harmonic state . ex: fire with flame has plasma. fire without flame do not have plasma. plasma is the fire (light of candle):: plasma can burn water >
SPARK is also PLASMA (pulverized water on SPARK)

Plasma with magnets and 2000volts
plasma with magnet and HV - high voltage 50hz plasma green color


 (using a DESULFATOR of car battery)
 DESULFATOR is used to recycle BATTERY (regeneration by shorting the poles, helped by capacitor to get voltage peak of short circuit current)


_'BIOCHAR' (plants fertilizer)   (homemade)

_'WOOD VINEGAR' (plant treatment)   (homemade)

_'Michorrhizal Fungus' "fungi"


HHO water Electrolysis  & NEUTRAL plate pipe

         vortex hho, dual triangle shap  ­


Gicleur or Ultrasonics vaporized water / HHO / GEET / plasma ignition (spark-plug plasma)

Spark-plug  upgrade with PLASMA IGNITION

The high-voltage PLASMA SPARK to burn water


PWM - oscillator - homemade (with sound)

Hexagonal - Electrolysis (Water Shape)

2 - Permaculture & Ecology                                                                                                      

                              Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva (Planner)          


4 - HHO water Electrolysis - Hydrogen (Plasma)                                                           

                              Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva (Planner)          


5 - PLASMATIC MAGNETIC ENERGY (Plasma)                                                                       

                              Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva (Planner)          

in the water vortex (putting something floating, ex: cork)
: in the OUTside of water vortex, the cork has LOW velocity
: in the INside of water vortex, the cork has very HIGH velocity... because the diameter is little and the balance (kinetic) is the same
: in the "light" magnetic vortex (speed of light is low (in the outside of vortex - ex: outsider of galaxy)
: in the "light" magnetic vortex (speed of light is very high (in the inside of vortex - ex: center of galaxy)
: conclusion: in the center (inside) of the VORTEX the velocity could be higher than light speed (it is a small "black hole")
_ Point of Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva
: "black hole is the place that something is travelling with speed after the light (that is why we can not see a black hole (it is black for us with our low speed) must travel with more velocity than light to see the "black hole" system - and have the same velocity of the black hole velocity (obs: black hole velocity is higher than the speed of light)
THE CENTER OF VORTEX has the  PLASMATIC MAGNETIC ENERGY , and it has the speed after the light (it is a black hole and it is the "haven" . in "haven" you travel everywhere, because you travell in space-time. you will reach "heaven" after death and your body release all the "low velocity" of "matterialism")
: all single atoms has a black hole in the center (like center of galaxy)
: your body atoms have little "black holes". that is why our brain travels after light (with more speed than the light) .. .it explains the time travel (spiritual medium...etc.. the medium see his mind travelling to the future) , because , it is a fact that some people see the future of the others helped by the "guides!!". those "guides" is the universe after speed of light
plasma it is a harmonic state . ex: fire with flame have plasma. fire without flame do not have plasma. plasma is the fire (light of candle):: plasma can burn water >, you may try at home (but use pulverized water . (product:


(rotation of magnet, from VORTEX rotational) JEFF COOK



HIDROPHONIC vaporization - Water vaporization only with sound from RESONANCE of the glass


7 - Water disinfection and wastewater  - OZONE

           (without chemical consumables)                                                                   

                              Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva (Planner)          


Acoustic zero points from string(guitar), they have the PINCH POINTS (type 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8)

"cymbals" have PINCH POINT in the center (in harmonics of acoustic zero point)

Bar like "xylophone", could have pinch point in the 1/4 of the total lenght (like 1/4 - 1/3 pinch point of acoustic guitar)

LIKE : hidrophonics electrolysis (fixing point are made in the pinch harmonic 1/2 , 1/3, 1/4 , etc..)


6 - WELDER (welding with HHO - "brown gas")   -        "MOLECULAR COALESCE"

              HHO-torch  melting the "stones" and metal                                                                       


Browns Gas (it is HHO-torch) ex: real facts of foundry ("rock-lava" need more temperature THAN iron)

 2nd video - IRON+ROCK melting