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Energy is divergence from several points. harmony is convergence of several points.      - result: the end of energy after the harmony of several points

                                   ( bigbang & Anti-bigbang : "convergence & divergence" or "harmony & disharmony" )

1 - Magnetic Vortex   (Experimental  proof & Pratical  proof  HOMEMADE)   The resonance and universe harmony.       VORTEX: the rotational perfect - "optimized translation of vorticity"  

Light is vortex - photons is fake (particules is fake) everything is magnetism with vortex shape (light is vortex energy divergence and not particle)
magnetic vortex from the light (plasma) - the light has vortex shape on the aluminium COIL .

(scientific publication from the author)
           "magnetic vortex - experimental proof" :

Magnetic vortex - experimental proof (scientific publication)  
the magnetic line (fields) of the earth are not linear (lines is old theory with mistakes, Maxwell)..the magnetic field of the earth is with vortex shape ( several curves )... it is equal to the gravitic lines ( in the shower water spins with vortex when it is descharged to the sewage ).
using a PC transformer and a magnet.  putting current in the water (with salt helps) and connect magnet to one pole. simple...after discover VORTEX we can explain gravity ( harmonic vortexic magnetic field ).
Anti-gravity is anti-vortex    .   by electrogravitics ( LIFTER - electrogravitics ).
based on double triangle high-voltage by square discharge.
Magnetic vortex is made with "divergence " of  triangle to lateral square discharge.
it is electrogravitics... in the centre of the triangle you will get VORTEX magnetic discharge. PYRAMID : 1 square & 4 triangles  (square"4"female , triangle"3"male)

 Harmonics - power of " spissitude, spassitude "
4th. dimension and 5th dimension
----- the VORTEX COIL by crop circle ---- i am a planner and watcher
one of my first : training VIDEO to do a VORTEX COIL (very old, since 2011) I have lots of FANS of this video, it is to BREAK university FAKE engineer.­

ANTI BIG BANG THEORY , gravity is not secret.
“circular integral”  [ ᶋ  (b. (1/b)) ∂b ]  ;
 b=>bigbang , (1/b)=>Anti bigbang

EXPERIMENTAL PROOF - MAGNETIC VORTEX is the base of "triangle/square magnetic principle"
The magnetic vortex is the harmony of gravity. Anti-gravity is anti-vortex
Could search the change  on internet : "magnetic vortex - experimental proof" 
 the rotational perfect:
  "the optimized translational of vorticity".
divergence from front " triangle -3" to the lateral " square -4"
"LIFTER - electrogravitics")  IS DIVERGENCE between square/triangle  .   LIFTER has:  lateral square shape > to > front triangle shape

HYPER light SPEED travell ....... human acceleration is (1G) , but travelling in the space-machine with: ex: positive (+12G) & negative gravity (-11G) (it is just in the back of you) , then it will get subtracted in total 1G (=12G-11G), just inside the machine in your place, THEN you can travell with +12G to get light speed more quickly.    You may be like spiderman pulling & pushing GRAVITY of planets, but there is open space without planets and nothing to pull/push.
THEN, it should have travell within the black-holls (the nearest is the inside of our SUN : - expand (low velocity outsider the sun) & compress (high velocity in the center of the sun (inside the sun)
center of the sun has velocity higher than light  (black-holls is a place that you can not see with your eyes, because it has a speed higher than you , and you are always in the back of this high speed(x),. but: this (x) it is travelling with speed higher than light, and (x) it will not disappear everything or it will not compress everything).
(you(x) put a mirror in front of you travelling speed higher than light. You (x) will see (eyes) with the help of a lighter that it is "off from relativity of speed").
Particles are energy (divergence between 2 points or more) >>> energy could not be a particle (energy it is wave of divergence) >>> conclusion: there are no particles, there are only energy >>> we see the picture and we think in particles (mistake of our eyes) . "Electronic microscope do not see the infinite, because the highest frequency of the microscope just reach a "dot"  (the fantasiastical particle), it must get infinite frequency for the microscope reach the infinite.

Ex:They (w) are travelling after speed of sound (inside the aeroplane :. . they (w) talk and they (w) do not have the "delay" from experience "relativity of sound".  But, outside the aeroplane, others (z) have experience of the "relativity of sound", because others (z) need some time to wait for the sound from the aeroplane ("delay" from relativity of sound). In the speed of light, it is the same as the situation of sound , then you can travell at speed of light (just turn on the lighter "on" inside of the UFO , then we will see the room of the UFO).
Travelling after the speed of light, you can not see back or lateral (because you have more speed), you only can see in front of you (you will see a dot of light - just in front . nothing saw in the lateral side because lateral has lower velocity of light "it is in the back of your higher velocity)
MAYBE: "DEATH is one energy (in divergence) that have more speed than light ..: . This energy (in divergence) can collapse only with the convergence of all (with everything in harmony without energy) . the "anti - Big bang" ...
Ex: big bang (it does disharmony) & anti - big bang (it does harmony)



there are no particles or quantum(quantity) ! particles do not exist. universe is just energy and frequency. Magnetism/others is the action to harmonize . It is the action to join the disharmony of the universe (divergence of different wills - divergence square/triangle the vortex base for rotation and non stop of the life). Energy is from the disharmony/divergence, after harmony, (energy/disharmony) it will stops with an infinite harmonic state. divergence is different wills.
If you define "particle". Then it is not correct, because you are talking about the maximal frequency of the measure machine (microscope, etc.). The maximal frequency of machine defines a DOT, but not the total reality . if the measure machine gets infinite frequency > then there is no particle to the infinite frequency. MAGNETISM HAS NO A PARTICLES to move (it is just staff of theoretical talk - to much) .      ----- ego1 fighting ego2 with knowledge . caution: ego1 must have his own plans and also ego2 with his own plans (should not use plans from others, because the others are not present in the fighting. Perjury or talk in the back of others . Caution with information from dead people) . new age religion is information from "vacuum people"

----- when you like a flower, you just pluckit. but when you love a flower, you water it daily (like&Love)

MONOPOLE  MAGNET  - "homemade"

Heart Transformer (2 animals are connected by electromagnetic wireless)
OBS: the working system of the transformer.
Energy transfer[Hz] works with ELECTRO-MAGNETISM.
wires are not in contact(direct). wires do not touch.

WIRELESS electromagnetic connection with all hearts (animals) antenna/receiver like ELECTRIC TRANSFORMER (magnetism transference only and simple) .Electric transformers only work with pulse current (DC-pulse or AC current). It is like the heart . heart is the center of pulse in our body. Heart is our COIL and our antenna (emitter and receiver of electromagnetic pulse) . brain is just internal software and not electromagnetic pulse. In our body the biggest magnetic pulse is from heart. NOT THEORY . IT IS SCIENCE. My work was "MAGNETIC VORTEX - EXPERIMENTAL PROOF". I need temperance with my feelings with other animals, because in fact:  i am feeling for myself . power of the heart to influence the environment. The power of the heart's electro-magnetic field and the ability to "mirror" the internal emotion out into our world is discussed in detail.
Natural "Heart Transformer" is the way to send electromagnetic information.
 (human & animal extrasensorial explain). 2 people are connected with the 2 hearts.
The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body.
feelings transfer (love or fear from the heart-transfer).

3 - SOLID STATE machines        (Harmonics , Resonance for Vacuum Free Energy)                   

                                 Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva (Planner)         

Using MAGNETS in the CORE
COP with magnetic permeability >100%

(magnetic enhancement)

without electronics , using SPARK self tune resonance coil/capacitor and MAGNETS 


SOLID-STATE (TPU) . type KUNEL HEINRICH patente DE 3024814
Application of transformer 2000 volts (2 steps)      :      (files:

­PATENT analog:    



KAPANADZE      (my comment:  1-circuit resonator (spark) HV and L2   ,   2-circuit OUT battery charger   ,  3- circuit oscillator to induce 50hz


the magnet change position, and the voltage will increase.
"Kunel Heinrich - Patent DE3024814" - MEG (overunity)

Pentahedron transformer , dual square-pyramid ,
solid state free energy. "MAGNETIC FIELD REFRACTION" from pyramid flux (dual shape)


SOLID-STATE (boost systems, using MAGNETS)

coils, transformers and electromagnetism using
COP with magnetic permeability of core >100%

    (magnetic enhancement)


2 - Anti-Gravity            (Systems)         4 triangles  with artificial electromagnetic rotation    

                       Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva (Planner) , made the "draw" before the crop circle    


The magnetic vortex is the harmony of gravity.     Anti-gravity is anti-vortex  , ex: by electrogravitics
based on double triangle high-voltage by square discharge, or vice-versa . ( LIFTER - electrogravitics )


COILS for "spiral sequencial magnetization" with circular electrification with spiral shape (triangle electro-magnetic rotation)

(3Drotation --- 2Dtriangle+1Ddown.up)

gravity waves are in harmony with VORTEX waves. Anti-gravity is anti-vortex. triangle of 4 coils by steps (~ mr. Podkletnov)
this is 3D sequence of 12magnets/COILS (magnetization of 1st, 2nd, 3...12th) with spiral electrical-pulse , and in the end(12th.COIL) it will return to the 1st.COIL ...repeat cycle to give triangle pulse of VORTEX. Must use electronics for sequential distribution of electrical-pulses to the 12magnets/coils in spiral


              LIGHT VORTEX -   "light speed doppler effect"                  Light / speed . NOT CONSTANT  !!!!­

An object transmitter (airplane) with "sound A" is traveling with higher speed to the sound (superior to mach 1, supersonic / hypersonic), then, if you are stopped, you can not hear the "sound A".

inside the moving airplane (>mach 1), it is impossible to hear sound emitted in their rear from a transmitter stopped in space


An object traveling with speed higher than light (hyper light speed), it gives to you a dot of light in front of you (in the lateral/back, you just see black - "absence of light" relative to you with hyper-speed of light. Hyper-speed of light gives advance position and the 3D reality of image is not the same . hyper dimension) .

Black-hole has higher speed than light, that is why you can not see the frequency (it is black in advance of higher speed of the light. You must have the same speed of the black-hole to see frequency of the black-hole).

Inside the sun, it is the output of black-hole, it expands the compressed light from the universe of hyper light speed (the black-hole parallel universe). If you introduce yourself in the center of the sun, you will travel in the hyper light speed. Suns are like geodesic points to map the universe and traveling to this point-doors

like sound transmited by radio/tv that use light speed (in the wires). then, the sound with radio/tv can be faster to reach the target , comparing with normal sound transmited by the air. EX: 2 montains , if you scream your voice will reach slower the target comparing with your voice(sound) using a Radio transmitter(light speed)...... the same is with light, if you have way for travelling after light, then you reach faster the target


4 - Thermodynamic cycle ( coefficient of performance COP > 400% ). Refrigerated reverse cycle­

 heat pump cycle improvement using "solar radiation" and "enthalpy from environment"        (Free Energy from "atmosphere enthalpy" & "solar radiation")                   

                                 Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva (Planner)         

About 2006 .
In Portugal Solar was business, then, i made plan of "plain evaporator" for "thermodynamic solar energy".

In dollars : 20$/piece of plain evaporator !!
I bought the mold and export from china .
In Portugal, the energy agency "ADENE", did not approve this system, saying that it was not solar energy with the argument that : "it is an heat pump" and it is not a solar energy system to be considered for certification.
This "thermodynamic solar energy" is in fact an heat pump using solar absortion with "FREON - GAS" and not water.
After this blockade from the ADENE - Portuguese agency, i forgotte this system. Anyway : i should inform you , that this system is very good to use in the north of europe (works with low solar energy, because it is an HEAT PUMP).
 I never trade this product after the BLOCKADE from Portuguese agency of energy ADENE.

p1040530a_po preto_jpg


some people could say:

''''''Yes there is evolutionary development with some individuals.  The "majority" is sadly out of that loop.'''''''.

 This is wrong: must have 4D to see that. ahaha.

Solution: it is the cleaning process.

I know the way. regrets is the way (first), then, the moral way to open divine 4D (no lies in 4D) . Regrets of LIES and forgiveness from victims with open talk (we are all victim/guilty).

(after it is easy).

GOLDEN AGE: to block the 3D entertainment and open 4D entertainment that most people are curious.

4D entertainment , ex: Play guitar with helping of lights from 3rd eye...

Living life with lies will destroy 4D powers. regrets with real confession (confession to the victims) is the secret. forgiveness comes from this base of thought and not from new age fake religion

4D connections in harmonics (it is 3D dimensions in high density with the connected system - "spassitude" or space density )

with extrasensory (with other entity in 4D)

3D(a) = 3D(b) , but 4D(a)>4D(b),

because (a) have more harmonics with the system



may use transformer AFTER the diodes bridge and not dimmer (this is necessary to recover BACKEMF from the resonance.) ex: with an osciloscope , if you spark a coil (by handmade) from a DC battery, then you will have in the oscilloscope the positive line and ALSO NEGATIVE line from the BACKEMF that can not come back, because of the "OFF-position"  from GAP(sparkGAP).
the transformer just work with pulse DC (if in the end , you have pure DC)
Then SPARK-GAP is the way to use BACK-EMF on the second part of the circuit.
The simple way is a ROTARY SPARK-GAP . on video :

5- MAGNET MOTOR - magnetic motorization      (free energy of permanent magnet, ~400 years for degaussing)               Author: Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva "planner"    

exafilar - cópia - cópia

3 to 4 relation , with one extra side

Male(3)triangle   to   Female(4)square

Live rotation (vortex) from divergence triangle/square

Using MAGNETS in the CORE of the COIL . (replace IRON by MAGNETS or together)

COP with magnetic permeability >100% (magnetic enhancement of the electromagnetic-coil)

CD-disk with little magnet in the top to trigger "reed-switch"/coil for the pontual demagnetize of magnet(Nd)

Male(3)triangle   to   Female(4)square divergence triangle/square

MAGNETIC MOTOR assisted with COILS for the pontual JUMP

magnetic law 1 to 3 to build magnetic motor

electrorepulsion2 - cópia


Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva,  believe in facts from advance civilizations (help from Galactic Union - GN)

Planner was helped with crop circles DRAWINGS


MAGNETIC MOTOR with connection (by chain) for electricity production, using homemade GENERATOR


6 - GRAVITY MOTOR -  Gravity energy                                                                                                                                   Author: Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva "planner"    


7 - INERTIA                                                                                                                                  Author: Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva "planner"    

 - "Action <> reaction" or "push <> pull" ,

In the case of INERTIA : after you push, the "pull" or "reaction" will not came back, then, the "reaction" it will keep in the inertial with rotation system. Conclusion Back-force (reaction) will stay on the system with mechanical resonance.


- Like electricity with "Back-Emf" that could stay on the system if there is SPARK GAP for non return of "Back-EMF" - resonance with SPARK-GAP rotary or natural with coil/capacitor harmonic " F(hz) = 1/(2*PI*√(L*C))

QMOGEN. is good using the trigger pulse systems in the input motor .

the generator will receive inertia . without pulse the inertia is not used very well in QMOGEN system.